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Frankfurt Airport Air Traffic Control Tower - top

Peek inside the Frankfurt ATC tower operations

As you might know, I have been to the air traffic control tower at Frankfurt Airport last year to talk to the air traffic controllers and take some photos. Last month I decided it was again time to visit my colleagues from the other side of the radio! After being invited by the Head of FRA Tower Operations, I gladly took the opportunity to observe the air traffic controllers at work. Exchanging views As always it had been great talking to them and exchanging views. While their job is very different from mine as a pilot, we usually have the same understanding of how things should be done, although with … Continue reading

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Lufthansa to Algiers – Part 3

We had passed the Alps, food had been served and we were getting closer to our destination Algeria, when the first clouds started to appear. Upon starting the approach to Algiers, the clouds were thick and the cloud base low. So when we got to the coast, it was raining and cold (15°C is cold for Algerians). I had hoped for better weather, but there is no way to change it and I was happy to at least snap some pictures of the coastline and houses near the airport. After landing on runway 23 we had some very good views on the apron as we were taxing all the way … Continue reading

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Lufthansa to Algiers – Part 2

I have been flying from Dresden to Frankfurt to continue further to Algiers, the capital of Algeria. After getting on board and taxing out, it was time to get airborne on Lufthansa Airbus A321-100 D-AIRB! The usual spotting location west of runway 18 was still pretty deserted as it was too early in the day for that spot. Departure was smooth and we were heading directly south towards the Alps and the view was really fantastic – the mountains were all covered in snow and even though it was early November it looked like a real winter wonderland already. Here is a view on the Aosta Valley and if you … Continue reading

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Lufthansa to Algiers – Part 1

Have you ever been to Algeria? Did you know that it is the 10th largest country in the world? Me neither, but I was about to find out! I have been travelling to Algiers to attend a meeting of the IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilot Associations) Air Traffic Services Committee. About fifteen pilots from all over the world are coming together to discuss all kinds of aviation related matters that influence the work of a pilot and I am one of two representatives of our German pilot association Vereinigung Cockpit. But first I had to get to Frankfurt. I took the first flight of the day leaving at 06.15 … Continue reading

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Thunderstorm and Cumulonimbus clouds near Delhi

You haven’t heard from me for some time now, but that is basically due to the fact that I have been extremly busy: flying the MD-11, working for the pilots association and hey, even I got a private life. Nevertheless I am still taking photos and I wanted to share a few impressions with you that I got one of my recent flights out of Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport (DEL). It  is India’s biggest airport and hub for many airlines like Air India (now also with the Dreamliner!) or Jet Airways. It is also a major airport for cargo flights and one of the many airports on the Indian subcontinent … Continue reading

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Stopover in London

Frankfurt! It was once again so annoying and so… Frankfurt! The flight to London was delayed by 20 minutes already. I suspect that they changed an aircraft on short-notice because it was supposed to be an A320, but in the end an A321 showed up. On the other hand there was an A320 sitting on the apron dark, but maybe that flight is leaving early tomorrow morning. Once on the aircraft, I immediatly fell asleep. I remember taking-off and that there was a meal service (the salad looked excellent!), but this bis leather seats really made me sleepy! I am sorry to say it, but compared to other major carriers … Continue reading

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No time for rest – on the way to Singapore!

I only spent 12 hours at home and now I am on the road again! Having arrived from Krasnoyarsk yesterday in the evening, I barely had enough time to get something to eat with my fiance, take a rest and re-pack my bag. A meeting with the International Federation of Air Traffic Controller Associations (IFATCA) is taking place in Singapore and I have to be there to represent the pilot community! I took to a train to Frankfurt this morning and arrived at Germany’s biggest airport at around 5 pm. At the airport I used the bus to Terminal 2 – the first and last time I did that! I … Continue reading

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Meeting at Maastrich Uppera Area Control Centre

Visit to Maastricht Upper Area Control Center (MUAC) for a Eurocontrol meeting on behalf of German pilots association (Vereinigung Cockpit). Besides being a pilot and taking photos, I started working for the German pilots association “Vereinigung Cockpit” voluntarily last year. More than 8500 pilots of many different airlines nationwide are organised in our union and it offers everyone a chance to explore certain fields of aviation. There are over 15 working groups covering all aspect’s of our work such as “Accident Analysis”, “Training”, “Duty Times” or “Airport & Ground Environment”. Others specialise in topics like “Business Aviation” or “Helicopters”, as we want to include every commercial pilot in Germany in … Continue reading

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