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MD-11 Calendar 2017 front cover

MD-11 Calendar 2017 in the printing press!

It is already August again! Amazing how time flies, especially for a pilot… The year 2017 is approaching fast and with it come the new MD-11 Aviation Calendars. The printing press has started already and the calendars will soon be ready for sale. Of course, they will feature the premium quality you are used to from previous issues to showcase the beautiful MD-11 images I have selected. Here are the calendar pages of the MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2017: Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F at Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport in Siberia, Russia Short final for runway 25C in Frankfurt, Germany A FedEx MD-11F over the numbers at Los Angeles LAX, USA The Flight Control … Continue reading

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The skyline of Frankfurt with most of Germany's skyscrapers

The world at night – new image gallery online!

It has taken me a while, actually way too long, to start updating my website. I had been planning to put image galleries online for months, but there was always something else that needed to be done. With only 10-12 days at home per month, it is hard to please everyone – the family needs you, tasks around the house/flat/garden/car… have to be managed, the calendar sale needed to be organized and my work for the various pilots associations had to be carried out. In between you are supposed to relax and recharge the batteries again! I now have a whole off week after working endlessly at the beginning of the month, as … Continue reading

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10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 3

I haven’t told you the whole story of yesterday’s flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta yet, mostly because I was too tired after all the video editing of my departure capture and because the day had not ended, yet! So here is what happened: Arrival to Atlanta Our flight over the Atlantic was pretty smooth, but once over Canada it started shaking a bit. Due to the aerodynamics of the MD-11 you don’t feel it much in the cockpit and without any passengers in the cabin, we didn’t have to worry at all. We approached Atlanta from the north and initially follwed the DIRTY 3 RNAV arrival route via the “Snowbird” … Continue reading

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North Atlantic crossing

10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 2

Here is what happened on Day 2 of my “An American journey” 10 day live feed This morning I got up at 4 am, showered quickly, put on my uniform and left the hotel at 04.45 to walk over to the Lufthansa Cargo base, which was only 20 minutes by foot from where I stayed. The first aircraft approaching Frankfurt to land at 5 am sharp passed over me, the sun rose on the horizon and like always I was really excited to go flying again! It was pretty quited in the briefing room (you could say deserted – who would want to get up this early for work on … Continue reading

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Lufthansa Airbus A320

10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 1

Today I will be starting a project that I haven’t done before – I will report from a rotation that covers four American countries in 10 days live. After every flight I will give you an update on what happened, what I did and there will be, of course, lots of photos and images so that you can see the world from my perspective. I will take you from Frankfurt to Atlanta in the United States and then further to Chicago, Mexico City, via Quito to Bogotá and then again to the states to Dallas, before I had back to Europe (first to Manchester and then Frankfurt). Day 1 of … Continue reading

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Felix Gottwald in front of Lufthansa Cargo MD-11

New FAQ page

I recently receive questions from you on many aspects of my life. Therefore I have started collecting them in order to give you the possibility to get an instant answer to the most frequently asked questions – on my new FAQ page! You can already find out what my favourite destination is and which aircraft I have flown so far or what photo equipment I use, but I am looking forward to receive many more questions from you? What interest you? What do you want to know? How can I help? Trying to use the KISS principle (keep it simple and stupid) as much as I can, all question on … Continue reading

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Felix Gottwald selfie

South America in a week!

As most of you know, I was in South America recently. It was a long rotation – we started off from Frankfurt to Dakar in Senegal, where we stayed overnight. 14 hours later we were at work again to fly a MD-11 down to sunny Campinas in Brazil, not far away from the buzzing metropolis of Sao Paolo. A huge buffet and a good-nights sleep later we were on our way to Montevideo and Buenos Aires to spend another night in Argentina. After heading over to Santiago de Chile on Air Canada as passengers, our journey home started… The flight from Chile back to Dakar lasted nine hours. Taking off … Continue reading

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Panorama Yosemite NP - Elizabeth Lake

Panoramic views of the United States

After some very tiring months, I had to take a break. This is why I went on a little tour through the United States, starting off at the East Coast with New York and the Niagara Falls. I then flew to California at the West Coast to get some sunshine and to hike through the Yosemite National Park. Not wanting to take all my camera equipment with me, I totally relied on my new iPhone. As a former Android user, I was looking forward to trying out my new phone to see what it can do. Here are some of the results! Panorama “A panorama (formed from Greek πᾶν “all” … Continue reading

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