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Safety Card IranAir Boeing 727-100 back

Safety Card collection from Iran on EBAY!

The collecting of things is part of the human nature! Our ancestors had to collect all kinds of food, stones, building material… to survive. We still carry these genes in us and most people collect something! It is part of our nature. Being an aviation fanatic I collect safety cards (the little information cards in your seat pocket that tell you what to do in an emergency) and I know that many people do so, too. It is always a great reminder of a flight and a super-interesting hobby, because it tells you a lot about an airline, but also the mentality, culture, art of a country and (looking at … Continue reading

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One of the most iconic residents! Blue Nile - Spirit of Africa Boeing 707-336C 5Y-BRV.

New Image gallery – SHARJAH

It has been a while, but I am very happy to announce that there is a new image gallery online! Many of you have probably heard of Sharjah Airport before and some might have visited it already. Sharjah is the neighboring emirate of Dubai, UAE and it does have its own airport that was once famous for old Soviet cargo aircraft. Things have changed a bit, but I was gladly able to visit the old aircraft boneyard recently and also included images of some of the more regular visitors to the airport. Here is a preview of what you will get in the SHARJAH Airport – a desert hub gallery: … Continue reading

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Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 D-ABYJ at Frankfurt Airport

Inside the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i

On one of my recent trips, I had the pleasure of flying on-board the Boeing 747-8i – the latest jumbo jet generation! Just before the flight from Buenos Aires’s Ministro Pistarini International Airport (better known as Ezeiza International EZE/SAEZ) to Frankfurt on the longest flight in the Lufthansa network, I was able to snap a few images of the cockpit and cabin. Cockpit The first thing I always notice when entering a 747-cockpit is, how small the windows are! Of course, I am spoiled by the MD-11 and the jumbo skippers tell me it is not that bad once seated… On the other hand it is much longer than most other … Continue reading

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Cover image BOEING Aviation Calendar 2016

BOEING Aviation Calendar 2016 about to be delivered!

99 years after the Boeing company was founded, I have come up with a unique BOEING Aviation Calendar 2016 in order to celebrate 100 years of Boeing next year! After designing a MD-11 calendar for the third time in a row, I felt that it was finally time to do something new. Over time I have collected a fair number of Boeing related aviation images and with the help of a few fantastic photographers I have come up with an aircraft calendar that I really love. Giving all my calendars (which includes the Airbus Aviation Calendar 2016 as well) a unified look, there have been some adjustments to previous MD-11 calendars to give them an even … Continue reading

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Frohe Weihnachten (a bit delayed…)

I hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas or as the Germans say “Frohe Weihnachten”! Did you know that the word christmas actually originates from the Middle English “Christemasse” that is closely related to the German “Christmesse”, which nowadays translates as Christmas Mass into English? Just shows that there are many common roots between the European people… Anyway, I was off from the computer for a while over the holidays and also before christmas to spend some time with my family and friends. Our self-made pasta, tomato sauce and pesto that we gave away as presents made me stay in the kitchen for three whole days (!), but … Continue reading

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New gallery online – Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport

A few days ago I flew to Shanghai Pudong for the first time in my life! We arrived in the early morning and there was only little traffic. Arriving from Seoul the arrival controllers first struggled to give us a reliable clearance, but the guy working finals made us fly a direct approach to runway 35R. While the tower controller was once again having difficulties with the English language, we made a safe landing and parked on the northern cargo ramp. Here is the video that shows our landing, be sure to watch it in full HD: The sun just rose above the horizon when we arrived at the airport … Continue reading

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2013 – here I come!

I have been pretty quiet in the past days, but there is a good reason for it! I was visiting friends and family over the holidays. With my last flying duty on December 23, I finally had some time to spend with my loved ones, something I really cherish. January will be a pretty quiet month for me, especially the first half. I only have to go to work again on the 8th for a one-day seminar on Crew Resource Management. There is lots and lots of training on this topic, which is excellent and you can use these skills in everyday life, tool! It works well with two people … Continue reading

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Standby – Day 2 and 3

As I expected nothing much happened during the days of my standby. I spent the first night in a low-priced hotel with some Thai food from the airport and checked out really late the next day. After a good rest, I was refreshed and ready for any task that lay ahead, but there weren’t many… As the weather outside was brilliant, I decided to go out on the apron to take some photos! There was only one MD-11 sitting around and I took the chance to take some “creative” photos. After that, I was waiting for another aircraft to arrive (four hours later) at position 216. And what a coincidence … Continue reading

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