Lufthansa to Algiers – Part 2

I have been flying from Dresden to Frankfurt to continue further to Algiers, the capital of Algeria. After getting on board and taxing out, it was time to get airborne on Lufthansa Airbus A321-100 D-AIRB! The usual spotting location west of runway 18 was still pretty deserted as it was too early in the day for that spot.


Departure was smooth and we were heading directly south towards the Alps and the view was really fantastic – the mountains were all covered in snow and even though it was early November it looked like a real winter wonderland already. Here is a view on the Aosta Valley and if you look closely you can see the Mont Blanc at the far end of the valley.

View from the air on the Aosta Valley and Mont Blanc

At the same time breakfast was served. Passengers in Business Class had been presented with a menu card shortly after take-off and already knew what they could expect. I went for eggs and sausages and even though it could have looked a bit more appealing, it actually tasted very good! There was also some fruit and bread could be chosen from a selection as well.


Lufthansa_A321_D-AIRB_FRA_2013-11-11_Business Class_Breakfast

I wasn’t even finished with breakfast when we passed Turin in Northern Italy – those jet aircraft certainly fly fast, but I guess the tailwind of more than 100 knots helped as well 😉

City of Turin/Torino in Italy with Alps in the background

As you can see the weather could not have been more perfect! When we reached the Mediterranean Sea, passengers on the right side got a spectacular view on the port city of Savona just west of Genoa and in the background you can spot the Sea Alps, which basically form the western end of the Alps mountain range.

Air view on port city of Savona with the Sea Alps in the background

After a short hop over the big sea we arrived in Algiers, unfortunately with rainy weather at the airport. But you can read mire about that in part 3…

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