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It is all about flying in Business Class and photos of Business class cabins.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 D-ABYJ at Frankfurt Airport

Inside the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i

On one of my recent trips, I had the pleasure of flying on-board the Boeing 747-8i – the latest jumbo jet generation! Just before the flight from Buenos Aires’s Ministro Pistarini International Airport (better known as Ezeiza International EZE/SAEZ) to Frankfurt on the longest flight in the Lufthansa network, I was able to snap a few images of the cockpit and cabin. Cockpit The first thing I always notice when entering a 747-cockpit is, how small the windows are! Of course, I am spoiled by the MD-11 and the jumbo skippers tell me it is not that bad once seated… On the other hand it is much longer than most other … Continue reading

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Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 - last meters of taxiing.

First scheduled Airbus A350 flight world-wide arrives in Frankfurt!

When Airbus first started engineering the A350 back in 2004, it was more likely to be a modernized version of the A330 with new engines (like the ones the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is having). After low orders and lots of criticism, Airbus decided to design a completely new aircraft and announced the start of the A350 XWB program, which was announced at the 2006 Fanrborough Airshow. Since then the aircraft has come a long way and I was happy to spot one of the first examples at last year’s Berlin Air Show! It already wore hybrid colours of Airbus and Qatar Airways, the launch customer. This aircraft made regular appearances … Continue reading

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Lufthansa to Algiers – Part 3

We had passed the Alps, food had been served and we were getting closer to our destination Algeria, when the first clouds started to appear. Upon starting the approach to Algiers, the clouds were thick and the cloud base low. So when we got to the coast, it was raining and cold (15°C is cold for Algerians). I had hoped for better weather, but there is no way to change it and I was happy to at least snap some pictures of the coastline and houses near the airport. After landing on runway 23 we had some very good views on the apron as we were taxing all the way … Continue reading

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Lufthansa to Algiers – Part 2

I have been flying from Dresden to Frankfurt to continue further to Algiers, the capital of Algeria. After getting on board and taxing out, it was time to get airborne on Lufthansa Airbus A321-100 D-AIRB! The usual spotting location west of runway 18 was still pretty deserted as it was too early in the day for that spot. Departure was smooth and we were heading directly south towards the Alps and the view was really fantastic – the mountains were all covered in snow and even though it was early November it looked like a real winter wonderland already. Here is a view on the Aosta Valley and if you … Continue reading

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How about Dubai?

“Good Morning Herr Gottwald, I got something for you!” – I finally got a call from crew scheduling yesterday and now I am on my way to Dubai. Sitting in the Lufthansa Cargo break-room again, I only have minutes before my briefing starts. The first part of my journey is quite easy: getting on board of LH 630 from Frankfurt to Dubai on board an Airbus A340-600. Today I will be enjoying a Business Class seat with some good (airline) food, watching one or two movies and maybe doing some work for our pilot association Vereinigung Cockpit… And I am even getting paid for it! What else could you want? … Continue reading

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Stopover in London

Frankfurt! It was once again so annoying and so… Frankfurt! The flight to London was delayed by 20 minutes already. I suspect that they changed an aircraft on short-notice because it was supposed to be an A320, but in the end an A321 showed up. On the other hand there was an A320 sitting on the apron dark, but maybe that flight is leaving early tomorrow morning. Once on the aircraft, I immediatly fell asleep. I remember taking-off and that there was a meal service (the salad looked excellent!), but this bis leather seats really made me sleepy! I am sorry to say it, but compared to other major carriers … Continue reading

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No time for rest – on the way to Singapore!

I only spent 12 hours at home and now I am on the road again! Having arrived from Krasnoyarsk yesterday in the evening, I barely had enough time to get something to eat with my fiance, take a rest and re-pack my bag. A meeting with the International Federation of Air Traffic Controller Associations (IFATCA) is taking place in Singapore and I have to be there to represent the pilot community! I took to a train to Frankfurt this morning and arrived at Germany’s biggest airport at around 5 pm. At the airport I used the bus to Terminal 2 – the first and last time I did that! I … Continue reading

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A weekend in the simulator and Manchester

Last weekend I couldn’t stay at home, but rather had to go to Frankfurt to do some flying. I spent Saturday in the simulator and Sunday in Manchester…  I got up at 3.30 am on Saturday morning to take the first flight to FRA, as the company was letting me practice my flying skills in the simulator. Twice a year we are doing some extensive manual flying in the simulator to stay fit. There are two more simulator events every year, but these are check rides and not used for actual training. During our so called “Refresher”, we shoot some Raw Data Approaches (without autopilot or flight director) and do … Continue reading

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