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Smartphone WALLPAPER for free!

I often get requests by customers to get permission to use an image as wallpaper for their phone. So far I have been rather reluctant to give away the digital files unprotected, but I have now found a great solution! Digital wallpaper for your smartphone that can be purchased and downloaded from my website! It gives you as a customer the best possible product, while at the same time ensuring a smooth, independent and safe process of buying it.

Wallpaper will initially be available in three different sizes: Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 7 Plus (which should cover many other smartphone models due to its standard Full HD screen size of 1920x1080px)  and the new Samsung S8. I know that there a hundreds of other phones available in the market, but these three should cover a good portion of it.


“Morning glow” is one of two free wallpapers for your smartphone

The first wallpapers will be free of charge and can be downloaded at NO cost! Just put them in your cart (shopping basket) after selecting your preferred version. Upon checkout, you just have to confirm your data and accept the terms of the website. Once “purchased” you can download your wallpapers via your profile on this site or follow the download link in the mail you got. As always, I will be available in case of any problems! And just to confirm: unless you are buying something else, these first wallpapers are free of any charge and you do not need to provide any payment or bank data!

“Open door” is a colorful free wallpaper for your phone

Let me know if you are experiencing any issue with the website, the ordering process or the downloads. My software provider is currently in the process of updating and there might be smaller bugs. I am also looking forward to hearing from you on how you like the new wallpapers!

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