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One of the most iconic residents! Blue Nile - Spirit of Africa Boeing 707-336C 5Y-BRV.

New Image gallery – SHARJAH

It has been a while, but I am very happy to announce that there is a new image gallery online! Many of you have probably heard of Sharjah Airport before and some might have visited it already. Sharjah is the neighboring emirate of Dubai, UAE and it does have its own airport that was once famous for old Soviet cargo aircraft. Things have changed a bit, but I was gladly able to visit the old aircraft boneyard recently and also included images of some of the more regular visitors to the airport. Here is a preview of what you will get in the SHARJAH Airport – a desert hub gallery: … Continue reading

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Swiss CS100 HB-JBC Frankfurt - 2017-01-03 04

SWISS Bombardier CS100 at night

Swiss International Airlines from Switzerland has been a part of the Lufthansa Group for a couple of years now, but was allowed to keep its brand name and unique product. Nevertheless it came as a surprise to many that Swiss was to be the launch customer for the new Bombardier CS100 aircraft, given the fact that none of the other group airlines had ordered the type. While replacing older Avro Regional Jets, it also increases the number of passengers that can be transported by featuring a 125 seat layout (similar size to the Airbus A319). At the time of writing the CSeries has been in operation for more than six … Continue reading

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MD-11 Calendar 2017 back cover

MD-11 Aviation Calendars 2017 now for sale – save money now!

This morning as I got back from a meeting with air traffic controllers in Amsterdam, a huge delivery was waiting at my door step already – the new MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2017 had finally arrived after being a bit delayed at the printing press. Therefore I am happy to announce that the calendar sale for this season has now officially started! As always there is a discount on the calendars ordered in September to reward you for your trust and loyalty and the fact that you get them off my hands so early in the year *wink* Coupon Code  earlybird2017 To claim your 12% discount on all calendar orders in … Continue reading

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The skyline of Frankfurt with most of Germany's skyscrapers

The world at night – new image gallery online!

It has taken me a while, actually way too long, to start updating my website. I had been planning to put image galleries online for months, but there was always something else that needed to be done. With only 10-12 days at home per month, it is hard to please everyone – the family needs you, tasks around the house/flat/garden/car… have to be managed, the calendar sale needed to be organized and my work for the various pilots associations had to be carried out. In between you are supposed to relax and recharge the batteries again! I now have a whole off week after working endlessly at the beginning of the month, as … Continue reading

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Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 freighter cockpit

10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 9

This morning I slept till about 10 am. After two days with very little sleep, I really needed to recharge the batteries again and I kept it slow today. Day 9 of my American journey So far there isn’t much to report. I went to have one more real American burger at the Hopdoddy Burger Bar (“hop” because of beer and “doddy” being a cow breed in Scotland) and it was a great treat. They serve fries covered with Parmesan and a truffle aioli and these are simply amazing! They have a couple of branches in Texas, as well as Scottsdale, AZ and Denver, Colorado and my recommendation for today … Continue reading

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10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 7

I just want to sleep, but that trumpet band outside my window just keeps on playing and playing and playing… I know that it is exactly midday, but why do they have to torture me? Early start My “day” already started before mid-night and I did not really have a night before that – can you sleep at any time of the day, just because the schedule tells you to? I can’t, at least not always. After a 12 hour shift I feel like I should sleep now, but yet again it doesn’t work at that time of the day and the behaviour of everyone else… Yet, I am too … Continue reading

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Boarding pass

10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 4

I am lacking a bit behind with my updates and I am terribly sorry for that, so here we go again! Day 4 of “An American journey” After my layover day Atlanta it was time to get back to work! Well, I didn’t have to do that much to be honest. When I woke up it was yet another sunny day in Georgia so I went out looking for food. I found this modern Mexican restaurant called Alma Cocina right on Peachtree Street and although their menu was small (good sign) all of it sounded delicious. So in I went and had a great grilled salad with chips and salsa. … Continue reading

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10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 3

I haven’t told you the whole story of yesterday’s flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta yet, mostly because I was too tired after all the video editing of my departure capture and because the day had not ended, yet! So here is what happened: Arrival to Atlanta Our flight over the Atlantic was pretty smooth, but once over Canada it started shaking a bit. Due to the aerodynamics of the MD-11 you don’t feel it much in the cockpit and without any passengers in the cabin, we didn’t have to worry at all. We approached Atlanta from the north and initially follwed the DIRTY 3 RNAV arrival route via the “Snowbird” … Continue reading

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