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Aviation Calendars now also available on Amazon – low shipping costs for intercontinental orders!

Are you located in the North America, South America, Asia, Australia or Africa? Then this might be of interest to you! As you know, I am striving to give you the best shopping experience and high-end quality products only. This means that I am using premium shipping to all countries worldwide. It comes at a price however and I know that this might discourage you from ordering the best aviation calendars you can get. However, there is an option for you! Try ordering via Amazon, as they usually offer lower shipping costs. The MD-11 and AIRLINER Aviation Calendars are available on all five European Amazon pages and you may try … Continue reading

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MD-11 Calendar 2017 back cover

MD-11 Aviation Calendars 2017 now for sale – save money now!

This morning as I got back from a meeting with air traffic controllers in Amsterdam, a huge delivery was waiting at my door step already – the new MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2017 had finally arrived after being a bit delayed at the printing press. Therefore I am happy to announce that the calendar sale for this season has now officially started! As always there is a discount on the calendars ordered in September to reward you for your trust and loyalty and the fact that you get them off my hands so early in the year *wink* Coupon Code  earlybird2017 To claim your 12% discount on all calendar orders in … Continue reading

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MD-11 Calendar 2017 front cover

MD-11 Calendar 2017 in the printing press!

It is already August again! Amazing how time flies, especially for a pilot… The year 2017 is approaching fast and with it come the new MD-11 Aviation Calendars. The printing press has started already and the calendars will soon be ready for sale. Of course, they will feature the premium quality you are used to from previous issues to showcase the beautiful MD-11 images I have selected. Here are the calendar pages of the MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2017: Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F at Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport in Siberia, Russia Short final for runway 25C in Frankfurt, Germany A FedEx MD-11F over the numbers at Los Angeles LAX, USA The Flight Control … Continue reading

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Reduced price for calendars with slight defects

A couple of calendars that were to be sold on Amazon have now been returned to me, as I was out of stock for some days. Due to bad packaging by Amazon some of these calendars are a bit bruised now, meaning that there light buckles and bends on them. This only affects the front and back cover and once you put the calendars on a wall you will not notice a difference, but nevertheless they do not fulfill the same quality standards that you will expect from my other products. I don’t want to throw them away, because that would be a pure waste and because they can still … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming and calendars are getting fewer!

Christmas is approaching quickly this year, with only week to go! Everybody is rushing to get the last presents and the cities are crowded with people. Fortunately you don’t have to run into the shops to get the best aviation calendars for next year, as you can order them right from your computer or mobile devices wherever you are… Should you plan to get a calendar before christmas, you should be ordering now! All orders with delivery in Germany places before 22 December should reach you in time. Deliveries within the European Union and Switzerland usually take between four and seven days and all others are probably too late now. … Continue reading

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Cover image MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2016

Aviation calendars now available on Amazon

This year I am offering three different calendars with dedicated editions for Airbus, Boeing and MD-11 aircraft. It has been a great joy creating these calendars and I am very happy that they are selling fast! All three calendars were available from my website right from the beginning and each order has been prepared with lots of love and care by myself or my little helper at home. From now on you will be having the option of getting a calendar via Amazon as well, which might more cost effective for some buyers. The problem I as a small entrepreneur have, is that I will never be able to match … Continue reading

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Cover image AIRBUS Aviation Calendar 2016

AIRBUS Aviation Calendar 2016 – all calendars are in stock!

All calendars are in stock! The most important and best news comes first: I have received all calendars this morning, just as I got back from my last rotation to Nairobi. It had been a long and exhaustive night flight from Kenya to Frankfurt, but I could not wait and jumped right into the car to head home. The calendars had just been delivered and I was super excited and anxious to see them! I am extremely happy with the results and hope you will be as well. After sorting all the boxes, counting the calendars to make sure the right amount was delivered and doing some last-minute fixes on … Continue reading

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Cover image BOEING Aviation Calendar 2016

BOEING Aviation Calendar 2016 about to be delivered!

99 years after the Boeing company was founded, I have come up with a unique BOEING Aviation Calendar 2016 in order to celebrate 100 years of Boeing next year! After designing a MD-11 calendar for the third time in a row, I felt that it was finally time to do something new. Over time I have collected a fair number of Boeing related aviation images and with the help of a few fantastic photographers I have come up with an aircraft calendar that I really love. Giving all my calendars (which includes the Airbus Aviation Calendar 2016 as well) a unified look, there have been some adjustments to previous MD-11 calendars to give them an even … Continue reading

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