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Landing the MD-11 HD Video

Landing the MD-11 HD VIDEO!

Have you already seen my latest video? If not, it is definitly time for you to stop by my youtube account. Thousands of people visit it every month and I have recently uploaded a number of videos. My last addition is a compilation of landings at various airports worldwide. It starts off with a landing at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport, before giving you a scenic view on the approach path at Quito’s Mariscal Sucre Airport. I naturally had to include my home airport at Frankfurt, before giving you the chance to join me on a flight to Tokyo Narita at night. At the end of the video you will … Continue reading

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Grand opening of my photo exhibit at Hannover Airport

I was very excited when I drove to Hannover Airport last Wednesday and even felt a little uneasy – my first photo exhibit was about to open its doors to the public and I wasn’t sure if people would like it… A while ago I was approached by the marketing team of airport. They had a spare room that they used for functions and meetings before and wanted to turn that into an exhibition room as part of their “Erlebniswelt”. The Erlebniswelt is great for kids as they learn more about aviation and how flying works and at the end is the access to the viewing platform on top of … Continue reading

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10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 7

I just want to sleep, but that trumpet band outside my window just keeps on playing and playing and playing… I know that it is exactly midday, but why do they have to torture me? Early start My “day” already started before mid-night and I did not really have a night before that – can you sleep at any time of the day, just because the schedule tells you to? I can’t, at least not always. After a 12 hour shift I feel like I should sleep now, but yet again it doesn’t work at that time of the day and the behaviour of everyone else… Yet, I am too … Continue reading

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10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 3

I haven’t told you the whole story of yesterday’s flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta yet, mostly because I was too tired after all the video editing of my departure capture and because the day had not ended, yet! So here is what happened: Arrival to Atlanta Our flight over the Atlantic was pretty smooth, but once over Canada it started shaking a bit. Due to the aerodynamics of the MD-11 you don’t feel it much in the cockpit and without any passengers in the cabin, we didn’t have to worry at all. We approached Atlanta from the north and initially follwed the DIRTY 3 RNAV arrival route via the “Snowbird” … Continue reading

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North Atlantic crossing

10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 2

Here is what happened on Day 2 of my “An American journey” 10 day live feed This morning I got up at 4 am, showered quickly, put on my uniform and left the hotel at 04.45 to walk over to the Lufthansa Cargo base, which was only 20 minutes by foot from where I stayed. The first aircraft approaching Frankfurt to land at 5 am sharp passed over me, the sun rose on the horizon and like always I was really excited to go flying again! It was pretty quited in the briefing room (you could say deserted – who would want to get up this early for work on … Continue reading

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Felix Gottwald in front of Lufthansa Cargo MD-11

New FAQ page

I recently receive questions from you on many aspects of my life. Therefore I have started collecting them in order to give you the possibility to get an instant answer to the most frequently asked questions – on my new FAQ page! You can already find out what my favourite destination is and which aircraft I have flown so far or what photo equipment I use, but I am looking forward to receive many more questions from you? What interest you? What do you want to know? How can I help? Trying to use the KISS principle (keep it simple and stupid) as much as I can, all question on … Continue reading

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Felix Gottwald selfie

South America in a week!

As most of you know, I was in South America recently. It was a long rotation – we started off from Frankfurt to Dakar in Senegal, where we stayed overnight. 14 hours later we were at work again to fly a MD-11 down to sunny Campinas in Brazil, not far away from the buzzing metropolis of Sao Paolo. A huge buffet and a good-nights sleep later we were on our way to Montevideo and Buenos Aires to spend another night in Argentina. After heading over to Santiago de Chile on Air Canada as passengers, our journey home started… The flight from Chile back to Dakar lasted nine hours. Taking off … Continue reading

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FRA-NBO Approach to Nairobi Video!

NEW VIDEO: MD-11 Approach to Nairobi NBO

One of the routes that has been in the network of Lufthansa Cargo for ever is the Frankfurt-Nairobi-Johannesburg-Nairobi-Frankfurt service. Except for Dakar and Cairo, these are the only destinations in Africa that the airline serves on a regular basis. Departure from Frankfurt to Kenya is in the early morning right when the airports opens at 5 am. It then takes about seven hours to reach the Kenyan capital city and its main airport Jomo Kenyatta Intl. (NBO/HKJK). Approach to Nairobi The approach to Nairobi starts from the north-west, as we are coming in over the border to Ethiopia and then proceed via Lodwar towards the south. The descend takes us … Continue reading

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