Reduced price for calendars with slight defects

A couple of calendars that were to be sold on Amazon have now been returned to me, as I was out of stock for some days. Due to bad packaging by Amazon some of these calendars are a bit bruised now, meaning that there light buckles and bends on them. This only affects the front and back cover and once you put the calendars on a wall you will not notice a difference, but nevertheless they do not fulfill the same quality standards that you will expect from my other products. I don’t want to throw them away, because that would be a pure waste and because they can still be used without any noticeable difference. Therefore I have decided to sell them with a discount.

MD-11 Aviation Calendars 2016 with slight defects

Fortunately only MD-11 Aviation Calendars 2016 were affected (Airbus is sold out on Amazon and of Boeing there are just a few remaining) and you will find the ones with a slight defect in my shop. The reduced price is 16.95 EUR compared to the regular price of 23.95 EUR which seems more than fair to me.

Here is an overview of all the front and back cover again:

Cover image MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2016 MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2016 - backside

To get a MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2016 with slight defects for only 16.95 EUR, you simply have to click here.


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