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Aviation calendars now available on Amazon

This year I am offering three different calendars with dedicated editions for Airbus, Boeing and MD-11 aircraft. It has been a great joy creating these calendars and I am very happy that they are selling fast! All three calendars were available from my website right from the beginning and each order has been prepared with lots of love and care by myself or my little helper at home. From now on you will be having the option of getting a calendar via Amazon as well, which might more cost effective for some buyers.

The problem I as a small entrepreneur have, is that I will never be able to match the prices of worldwide delivery that others can offer. This is why I have teamed up with Amazon. You will not only be able to get support in more languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian), but might profit from lower shipping costs as well. This is especially true for everyone living outside of Europe!

Do you live in Asia, America, Australia or Africa? Check now on one of the following European marketplaces, if buying a calendar on Amazon is the better option for you:

*English via – Airbus, Boeing and MD-11 aviation and airplane calendars 2016
*Deutsch über – Airbus, Boeing und MD-11 Luftfahrt und Flugzeug Kalender 2016
*Español a través de – Airbus, Boeing y MD-11 de la aviación y aviones calendarios 2016
*Français via – Airbus, Boeing et MD-11 de l’aviation et les calendriers d’avion de 2016
*Italiano via – Airbus, Boeing e MD-11 dell’aviazione e calendari aerei per 2016

 Let me know what you think! Do you prefer ordering on Amazon or on this website?

Airbus, Boeing and MD-11 Aviation Calendars 2016

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