10 day live feed – “An American journey” – Day 7

I just want to sleep, but that trumpet band outside my window just keeps on playing and playing and playing… I know that it is exactly midday, but why do they have to torture me?

Early start

My “day” already started before mid-night and I did not really have a night before that – can you sleep at any time of the day, just because the schedule tells you to? I can’t, at least not always. After a 12 hour shift I feel like I should sleep now, but yet again it doesn’t work at that time of the day and the behaviour of everyone else… Yet, I am too tired to edit photos or videos or do anything else than browsing Facebook.

Short review of Day 7 of “An American journey”

To keep the story short: We flew from Mexico City to Quito and the flight itself was uneventful, as we could pass over the bad weather and thunderstorms in flight level 410 (roughly 12,5 km). The approach into Quito was amazing! We arrived during sunrise and as we descended down in the valley the sun disappeared again. There were no clouds and we had a fantastic view on the city and the nearby volcanoes.

In Quito we got a whole bunch of fresh roses and the short flight to Bogotá didn’t leave us much time to enjoy the outside view. The captain and I both had not been there – we got an instruction in the simulator, but at the same time flights were stopped. We only started serving Bogotá a short while ago.

Ground handling could have been better and especially the immigration procedure and hotel transport can be improved. It took us more than hour to cover a 50 meter walk from the aircraft to the bus and depart and then another hour through traffic… I only have nine hours (now actually just eight) before I have to leave again for my dead-head flight to Dallas on American Airlines. I have to be at the airport three hours before the flight (!) and the drive will take an hour again…

That is why I will go to bed now, hoping that the outside world will leave me alone for just a little while. Please! I will process images and so tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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  1. Adrian July 4, 2015 at 4:32 pm #

    This sounds awefully stressful, Felix! I hope you can rest abit more on your flight to Dallas!

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