Getting ready for Dubai Airshow 2013

I am not really a fan of airshows – too crowded, hot summer days and you often can’t get close enough to aircraft or the light is bad. That is why I am really excited to go to Dubai Airshow which is taking place from 17-21 November 2013 – let’s see if this one is different! A speciality of this airshow is that it is huge, but still strictly for trade visitors. The general public is only allowed to watch the flying display from a dedicated platform outside of the actual show grounds called skyview. Given the fact that entry costs AED 60 and for children AED 30 (without a guarantee for seats) and that the site boosts up to 6.000 people, they must still be making good money out of it.

If you are asking yourself now where they put up such a massive grandstand and if it will be possibly used for some regular planespotting at Dubai International DXB, I will have to disappoint you – 2011 was the last year that the Dubai Airshow was held at DXB. It now takes place at the new Dubai World Central (DWC) Airport near Jebel Ali, far south from the Dubai city centre. The airport has had some cargo traffic in recent days and is just getting its first passengers flights by low-cost airlines from Eastern Europe and Saudi Arabia. I have never been there before and it will sure be interesting to see this airport for the first time!

But right now I am worried about getting the equipment in place and making all my travel arrangements. Are the batteries full, the memory cards empty and the lenses clean? How will I pack my bag so that everything will be safe? And what is the weather going to be?
– sunny with few clouds, 25-30°C and maybe strong winds up to 25 knots –

The opening day of the Dubai Airshow tomorrow on sunday is rather short and I guess not very spectacular. This is why I will be arriving early in the morning of the 18th on a Lufthansa flight to show up at the venue just in time for my first planned event – a visit of the Qatar Airways Dreamliner. I will keep you updated and try to post some photos, even though it is probably going to be a busy time with some after-show drinks together with other photographers and friends…

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