Munich to Dubai – at the airport

It is half past seven in the evening and my flight from Munich to Dubai only leaves at 21:45, which means I have plenty of time to show you some impression of Munich’s Terminal 2 – Non-Schengen Area (all gates with H). I got here a while ago ready, but there is nothing going on at all… It’s like in one of those Zombie movies with the world suddenly deserted…

When I was based here on the Lufthansa A320 fleet, I used to eat a lot of typical Bavarian food and when I come back to Munich I must have some of it again! This is why I went straight to the Airbräu. The big restaurant and beer garden is located at the exit of Terminal 1 towards Terminal 2, but they do have an outlet in the H-gate area as well. It was definitely time for some roasted pork with potato dumplings and some real German Sauerkraut! They even brew their own beer!


A meal like the above including half a liter of beer will cost you about 18 Euros and that already includes a 10% tip! Seems like a fair price to me… Otherwise things remained calm.


The glass front of the terminal allows for easy viewing of the action on the easterly apron. The light inside the terminal however makes it really difficult to get some good results and guess who did not bring a tripod. Me. But you can see the new satellite terminal being built in the background!


So now I am sitting at the gate, waiting for my flight. In the meantime they have put the flight number on the display at least, which gives me the confident feeling that I have walked to the right gate 🙂


Once in Dubai I will head straight to the hotel to deposit my luggage and then rush to the Dubai Airshow! I have been invited for a media event inside the Qatar Dreamliner and Global 5000 and there is no time to lose in order to make it in time. Hopefully I will be able to post an update and some photos tomorrow evening.

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