New planespotting gallery online – Tokyo Haneda

I have finally uploaded a couple of photos of a trip to Tokyo Haneda last year! Being able to compare it with the city’s Narita Airport I can say that Haneda is much more spotter friendly and offers better views. It is an all-day airport, where you can get good shots in the morning, afternoon and also at night-time! Here a few impression from Terminal 1, which offers excellent light in the morning hours. It is mainly used by JAL – Japan Airlines and its multitude of Boeing 737s, 767s, 777s and of course Dreamliners (well, not at the moment).

Tokyo Haneda Terminal 1 Spotting Platform
Lower viewing level with a snack shop.

Tokyo Haneda Terminal 1 Spotting Platform
There could be a bit more space for the lens, but it works!

Tokyo Haneda Terminal 1 Spotting Platform
Japanese like to come and visit.

Tokyo Haneda Terminal 1 Spotting Platform
The structure of the buildings is not very appealing, but who cares?

If you plan on visiting Tokyo’s Airport, then you should take a good look at this spotting guide provided by the local Japanese spotters:

In the meantime you are welcome to take a look at some of my photos from Haneda, simply click here to get to the Haneda gallery.

Close-up of Ohana Jumbo jet with Pickachu

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