Grand opening of my photo exhibit at Hannover Airport

I was very excited when I drove to Hannover Airport last Wednesday and even felt a little uneasy – my first photo exhibit was about to open its doors to the public and I wasn’t sure if people would like it…

A while ago I was approached by the marketing team of airport. They had a spare room that they used for functions and meetings before and wanted to turn that into an exhibition room as part of their “Erlebniswelt”. The Erlebniswelt is great for kids as they learn more about aviation and how flying works and at the end is the access to the viewing platform on top of the terminal. So I paid them a visit and we instantly agreed that we want to take on this project together.

Just Sky - No Limit

After months of planning and preparation the big day had arrived and at 10 am my photo exhibit Just Sky – No Limit was officially opened! It was a fantastic moment for me and I had the feeling that everyone was impressed with the images selected. We mostly decided impressions from the cockpit, like instrument close-ups, images during landing, landscapes and so on. My family was present as well and it was interesting for me even, as I could see so many of my photos printed in large-scale for the first time.

The next two hours were very busy with the official ribbon cutting together with the Hannover Airport CEO and several interviews for the local media. There is also a video of the event that can be found on YouTube (German only):

You are more than welcome to pay the exhibit a visit! It is located inside the Hannover Airport terminal just at the entrance to the Erlebniswelt – tickets can be bought at the shop on the departure level. It is open from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 7 pm on weekends and public holidays. You will find more info here: Just Sky – No Limit.

Just Sky - No Limit

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  1. seesack-y August 21, 2015 at 6:07 am #

    I visited your photo exhibit at Hannover Airport this week: fantastic photos, I enjoyed. I even looked at the monitor with the filmsequences (unfortunately there were plenty of light-reflections by the room-lightning). Best photo ist the big one, looking into the freight-room (is this the MD11F?)
    Carry on with your photos and films, I wait for another eyhibition. TIll then I´ll visit “felixgottwald.net” to see something new.
    alwals happy landing

    you´re still first officer; when will you take place on the left seat (become a LH_pilot)?

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