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A few days ago I flew to Shanghai Pudong for the first time in my life! We arrived in the early morning and there was only little traffic. Arriving from Seoul the arrival controllers first struggled to give us a reliable clearance, but the guy working finals made us fly a direct approach to runway 35R. While the tower controller was once again having difficulties with the English language, we made a safe landing and parked on the northern cargo ramp. Here is the video that shows our landing, be sure to watch it in full HD:

The sun just rose above the horizon when we arrived at the airport the next morning. Shanghai is well-known for its delays and while we were waiting for departure, I was able to capture some of the aircraft passing by on their way for departure from runway 17L. Furthermore I was lucky enough to take photos of two aircraft inbound for parking on the cargo ramp – an Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 (reg. N419MC) and even better a MD-11F of Saudi Arabian Cargo (reg. HZ-ANB). To see a selection of the best pictures, click on this link:

Photo gallery Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport

Here is a little preview of some of the images contained in the new gallery. You might also find it by using the sidebar on the left side:
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A cargo Boeing 747-400 of US airline Atlas Air on the ramp at Shanghai Pudong
Airbus A320 of Chinese Spring Airlines at Shanghai Pudong Airport PVG.
A MD-11 of Saudia Cargo at Shanghai Pudong
The first Boeing 767 for Maldivian carrier Mega is on the way to the departure runway with tripadvisor advertisment

Take a look at the rest of the pictures by clicking on this link: Photo gallery Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport. Maybe one of these images will even appear in the new MD-11 calender that I plan to put up for sale soon…

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