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Airliner World December 2015 article – Haulin’ Freight

I am very excited to announce that my first article has appeared in the world-renowned magazine Airliner World from the UK with the title “Haulin’ Freight”. It has always been a dream for me to publish there and many photos had already found their way to the magazine via my Airteamimages membership. Key Publishing that owns the magazine has also printed images from me in other publications before.

Cover image

Cover image of the Airliner World December 2015 issue

Thinking hard on what to write about, it was soon obvious that I should tell the interested public about a typical flight on the Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F. Easier said than done! I didn’t want to invent something, so I had to wait for an interesting flight to one of my favorite destinations – Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. After the flight I put together an article, reviewed it, waited a little while to read over it again and then sent it to the editor of the magazine.

Working with the Airliner World magazine was fairly easy after that – they selected the images to go with the article and coordinated with me about some editorial changes in order to make sure everything they printed was correct and the readers would be able to understand all aviation terms used in the article.

A few days ago the first issues were sent to subscribers and then to newspaper stands worldwide! I am anxiously waiting to get my copies and if you want to know more about how to fly the MD-11 and what we are doing in the cockpit on a typical flight, I recommend to get an issue as well! It is definitely worth a read.

Btw, some of the images in the article can also be found in the MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2016!

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