Flip side of MD-11 Calendar 2015 by Felix Gottwald showing all twelve aircraft images of the aviation calendar.

MD-11 Calendar 2015 – last images released!

Now that you have seen both the images of the MD-11 Calendar 2015 for the first part of the year and May to August as well, it is time to release the last missing pictures! Above is the back side of the calendar giving you an overview of all motives for the whole year and some useful (legal) information. Here are the pictures for September to December in full detail:


September motive of the MD-11 Calendar 2015 showing the cargo hold of a Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 at night.

I still remember taking this picture after a flight to Cairo around midnight. We had a full load, but our colleagues working on the ground did a great job in getting everything off the aircraft quickly. While they were busy unloading the belly of our MD-11 (cargo doors are located on the other side of the plane), I had more than enough time to aim and shoot. In this picture I especially like the different colours of the nearly white light on the main deck, the blue-ish and dark shadows of the night, but also the orange glow of some distant light poles on the military apron.


Martinair Cargo MD-11 departing from Quito Mariscal Airport, Ecuador - October image of the MD-11 Calendar 2015 by Felix Gottwald.

My travels have taken be to a number of place around the world – this one is spectacular and like no other: Quito! This Martinair Cargo MD-11F is taking off from the new Mariscal Sucre Airport located nearly 40 kilometres from the city centre. Unlike the old airport, this one is surrounded by nature and only very few settlements. Martinair Cargo has a strong presence at the airport now, but I wonder if that will change with the planned withdrawal of aircraft from the fleet in the coming years.


The November motive of the MD-11 Calendar 2015 is KLM PH-KCA at the gate in Amsterdam during night.

Here is another tribute to the last airline operating the MD-11 in its passenger version on scheduled routes. The aircraft shown is PH-KCE, named after the world-famous actress Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady). It first flew in October 1994 and after 20 years of service for Dutch carrier KLM it is now being featured in the MD-11 Calendar 2015 while simultaneously being retired from service…


December image of the MD-11 Calendar 2015 by Felix Gottwald is showing the inside of a MD-11F cockpit during approach to Krasnoyarsk Airport, Siberia, Russia.

With the shortest day of the year (at least on the northern hemisphere) taking place in December, I deemed it appropriate to have a night shot from the flight deck. Yet, December is also the time of christmas and with that come the many beautiful lights that illuminate homes and houses! And that is what we pilots have ahead of us on this approach to Krasnoyarsk in Siberia (it gets damn cold there in December!) – a beautiful array of shiny lights glistening in the cold, with more of those pretty-coloured little displays in the cockpit. Now if that doesn’t make you want to go for walk in a winter wonderland, I don’t know what will!

Sale and first deliveries of the MD-11 Calendar 2015

The calendars have already been printed and will be delivered in the next couple of days. After that they will have to pass Quality Control by me and will be available online for sale in the coming days. I expect the first deliveries of the MD-11 Calendar 2015 (which is indeed the world’s only McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aviation calendar made by me)to go out by the end of next week. Be sure to order well ahead of christmas to avoid the usual hassle just before the holidays! I try to buy presents as early as possible every year, but always fail to do that in the end…

Anything you want me to know? Just leave a note right here below the text!

Please note that colours might be slightly different in your browser compared to the final print. Images shown here are in low resolution and do not depict the amount of detail as the original print.

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