April motive of MD-11 Calendar 2015 showing a Lufthansa Cargo aircraft up close on the runway in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

MD-11 Calendar 2015 – April to August motives

After getting a preview on the images of the first months of the new MD-11 Calendar 2015 a couple of days ago, I am very happy to be able to present you the calendar motives from April to August. Click on the thumbnail above to see the April motive. It shows a Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F on the runway at Krasnoyarsk Airport in Siberia, Russia. I was able to spend a day on the ramp at the East Russian airport with the help of my good friend Dmitry Zhigalov and local airport and aviation authorities. This image (one of my favourites so far) was taken in the curse of the day, as one of the LCA MD-11s was just turning around to taxi-back on the active to get to its parking position after landing.


World Airways MD-11 in special retro colours during departure from Frankfurt Airport - featured as the May motive for MD-11 Calendar 2015.

Getting this image was really difficult! It shows a World Airways MD-11 (remember, World Airways used to be an American charter operator that flew a lot for the US government and others, but halted operations in April 2014) in retro colours they originally carried in 1975. The aircraft had them applied to commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Operation Babylift“. World Airways was one of the last airlines to operate the passenger version of the MD-11 and with the help of Bjoern Schmitt I am happy to be able to present it in the MD-11 Calendar 2015.


UPS MD-11 on short final to Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany, seen from the air. Part of MD-11 Calendar 2015.

It is not quite often that we get to see MD-11s from the air! But of course there had to be an image like that in the MD-11 Calendar 2015, which is why I was glad that Rainer Bexten was able to capture a beautiful UPS MD-11 freighter on approach to Cologne-Bonn Airport in Germany. This airport is in fact one of the very MD-11s hub in Europe and a regular MD-11 destination for Fedex and UPS!


Interior shot of the cockpit in a MD-11F as shown in the MD-11 Calendar 2015.

I personally like to see the MD-11 from the outside, but I love to take a look at the inside! Here is a close-up of the many switches and buttons of the panel that is located just above the MD-11s six big screens. Most of these switches are used to manipulate the display of data on the Navigation Display, while the switches for autopilot such as vertical rate and altitude can be seen further left.


August motive of the MD-11 Calendar 2015 showing a Fedex MD-11 rocketing out of Dubai with the skyline of Sharjah in the background.

In most parts of the world it gets hot in August. But there are few places where it gets as hot as in Dubai, where this picture was taken! A Fedex MD-11F has just departed off runway 30R of Dubai International Airport and another MD-11 of UPS and a TNT Boeing 777-200F can be seen at the bottom of the picture. In the background is a station of the Dubai Metro and the skyscrapers already partly belong to nearby neighbouring Sharjah.

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As always I am looking forward to hearing from you! Let me know what you think by commenting on this post. The Calendar is already in printing and will hopefully be ready next week. Watch out for early bird discounts on this website!

Please note that colours might be slightly different in your browser compared to the final print. Images shown here are in low resolution and do not depict the amount of detail as the original print.

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