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Website back online!

Finally! After about two weeks of waiting time, the website is now back online and better than ever before.

The most striking change is of course the new layout. It is now light in colour and the responsive design allows viewing the website on any device, be it your home computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, whatever… Having that enabled was one of the biggest goals for me when changing the layout. Another one was implementing a shop! Not just any shop hosted or provided by some third-party company, but one that would be integrated into my own site. After spending the whole week trying to get the bloody thing to work (and busting it completely in between), I haven’t had the chance to put up that many items for sale yet, but this will change. You will be able to buy my best images as a print, poster, canvas and so on directly from me, which means lower prices for you as no third-parties are involved in the sales process. But there is one item that you can already purchase – the MD-11 Calendar 2014.

Kalender_Banner_LHMD-11 Calendar 2014

The calendar has sold very well and I am really happy with the feedback that I got from you all! There are only a couple of calendars left and I have reduced the price even further! I will stop selling it on 09 March 2014 and that means you only have about two weeks left to order your MD-11 Calendar 2014. You can now order the calendar directly in my shop, which is a safe and reliable option as you can easily pay by using paypal or your credit card (click here to see all payment options).

Layout changes

Otherwise there have been a few changes to my portfolio and the way the photo pages are set-up. They are now giving you more background information and have been divided into different sub-chapters to allow for easy reading. A novelty is the new tab widget that is display in the right navigation bar. It lets you select the latest blog posts, the most popular posts, the last comments or an overview of the most used tags (tag cloud). One thing that didn’t change is the ability to subscribe to the blog newsletter that will keep you informed about new blog posts and the form is just below the tabs widget.

While I have taken great care to have everything running neatly, it might happen in very rare cases and only when pressing the wrong buttons that you will find errors or get lost. If that happens, please let me know so I can get it fixed! I am relying on your help and feedback will be more than happy to hear from you. You can also leave a comment right below this post.

I will soon travel to the United States for some much-needed vacation, heading to Miami, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Maybe I will even be able to include some planespotting in the trip… Stay tuned for updates 😉

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