Another Dreamliner on fire…!

If you switch on the news right now, you can see a Dreamliner standing at a remote gate at London Heathrow, covered in foam and surrounded by firefighters! It is ET-AOP of Ethiopian Airlines carrying the name “Queen of Sheba”. It is the third Boeing 787-8 that delivered to ET on 20th November 2012 and apparently the rear section caught fire. There are clear signs of fire damage near the upper fuselage of the last door on the left side, called 4L. Apparently nobody was hurt, as the aircraft was parked for about eight hours before the incident happened. It would have departed at 21.00 and the incident happened around three hours before the flight. Maybe something happened during cleaning or flight preparations, but it is not known yet. Heahtrow was closed for about 90 minutes and several flights had to divert to other airports such as Gatwick and Manchester, causing minor delays there.

Here is a short video clip of the interior on board of Ethiopians Boeing 787s that I took during the inaugural flight to Frankfurt last year on ET-AOQ:

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