“Ennui” – a feeling of being bored and having no interest in anything. – Macmillan Online Dictionary

It is early in the morning, still dark. I am laying on my bed, the TV is on. All programs are in a language I don’t understand – Chinese, Russian, Wolof, whatever… As the new day is dawning, I grow even more tired – awake but not there, sleepy but unable to close my eyes. Jetlag is a bitch!

I want to get up, but there is nothing to do. All the shops are closed, all the museums are closed, the pool is closed, everything is closed. Refreshing facebook every 10 seconds for the last hour did not help as well, nobody there. Planning the upcoming day is useless. The weather will be either bad or worse – you can pick your choice of too cold, hot, dry or humid, or any combination of these. People will not understand me and I have no clue about what they are saying. I can not read a simple sign. Outside the hotel is a big street, but no cars yet. Maybe I should take a taxi later on and go somewhere, but I probably won’t. It is just too much of a hazzle.

An hour later I am still laying on my bed. The first cars are rushing somewhere on the big street. It seems to get a bit lighter outside, but I can not see the sky from my bed. I found one movie channel, but the signal is bad. Refreshing facebook still does not take me any further. I am hungry, luckily I still have a chocolate bar in my jacket. It must have been there for weeks, but who cares. Room service is way to be expensive and at this time of the day, they don’t serve much anyway. I am getting lost in thought. Past weaknesses and errors hunt me down – I should really do something!

I get up, dress, go down to the lobby, step outside. The sun is up, the big street is crowded, people everywhere. It is too much for me. I head back to my room and go to sleep.

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