Aviation Museum of China and pre-departure dinner

I spent the night on-board of a Swiss A330 in the back of the Economy Class. After originally being placed in the front row of Y-Class in a seat with extra leg room, I was later asked by the flight attendants if I could change seats with another lady that would like to sit next to her family and that got the same seat in the compartment in the back. Why not I thought, but found myself in the second row in a middle seat… A couple of seat changes later I finally ended up in an aisle seat with the one next to me being empty – at least something! Here are some impressions of Zurich Airport and the aircraft:

The flight itself was much better than expected! The cabin staff was very friendly and the food acceptable. Dinner consisting of whole-wheat pasta even tasted good. Once in Beijing I had to wait at passport control for a little while, but otherwise everything went smooth. Except for the morning traffic on the crowded roads… After a couple of hours rest in the hotel we set off for the pre-tour visit to the Chinese Aviation Museum. About 30 people of the DPRK tour gathered for the trip and it was a nice way of getting into the mood – we will see plenty of old aircraft in North Korea as well! If you are in Beijing and don’t know what to do, you can always head out there (about one hour from downtown).

China Aviation Museum

I tried uploading more pictures, but the internet here in China let me down… So, tomorrow is the day of departure to the DPRK and it will be a highly interesting journey! I will not be online and more or less cut off from communications. But don’t forget to order calendars in the meantime 😉

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  1. Robert September 18, 2015 at 4:48 pm #

    Danke für den Reisebericht und erste Fotos ! Und auch saubere Flugzeuge der SWISS, wies ausschaut. Bekomme selber schon ” Appetit ” auf meinen nächsten Langstreckenflug im Oktober. Wünsche noch interessante Eindrücke dort . ! (((…

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