MD-11 Calendar 2014 – now on sale for only 27.99 €

When I heard the message that our MD-11 calendars are ready to be picked-up last week, I was immensely excited and when I got back from work this week, I had to go to the shop directly on my way from the airport! I was greeted by a friendly shop assistant in a modern store that looked really futuristic and received the first batch of MD-11 calendars in no time at all! Back at home I inspected the whole box and everything was just as I had wanted it to be – I am proud to say that the MD-11 Calender 2014 is now officially up for sale!

As you already know there is a one for all price – wherever you live, you will be paying the same shipping and handling fees! You will be getting your calendar in a safe, eco-friendly packaging and clients from most countries will be able to track their shipment. Payment is easy, as we are using paypal and you can pay either with your paypal account or by using a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover) or a Maestro debit card.

Order your MD-11 Calendar 2014 in my shop

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