What kind of cargo do you fly?

Basically anything is possible! With a cargo capacity of roughly 85 tons, there is a lot of stuff you can load on a MD-11 freighter. This ranges from obvious things such as mail and parts for factories to fancy cars or animals such as horses or tropical fish – we even transport little worms for fishing! We also specialize in pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive cargo like flowers or fresh fruit.
A cargo palette is usually packed with dozens of different shipments from different sources. This also depends on the destination, as we often have several stops on one flight and you don’t want to start unwrapping and rearranging pallets at each stop.
As there is so much different stuff on all these palettes and it is all packed up in boxes, we usually do not know what kind of cargo we carry. An exception is special cargo – we are provided with a list of so-called dangerous goods on each flight in case there are any disruptions.

Lufthansa Cargo - MD11F - D-ALCD at Montevideo Airport MVD.

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