Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that I received. Have you got a new one – let me know by writing me a message here.


Which equipment do you use?

I will have my Nikon D800 with me at nearly all times when travelling. My pride is a 80-400mm Nikon lens and some smaller lens for “normal” and wide-angle photography. Having a GoPro or two around certainly helps when taking videos, but even an iPhone can take great videos and photos.


Are you allowed to take pictures in the cockpit?

Yes, I have an official permission by Lufthansa Cargo to take photos and videos in their aircraft and to publish them. Safety is the number one priority at all times and no pictures are being taken in situations were my attention is required for other tasks.


How do you get access to the airports?

By being a pilot, I automatically have access to the apron of airports when I am on duty. With time I have found some very friendly people who allowed me to reach places that are usually restricted. I can’t thank them enough for their help!