MD-11 Calendar 2017 front cover
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MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2017

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Product Description

The only McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Calendar worldwide is back! Once again I am proud to present you the perfect calendar for your home or office, no matter if you are an aviation geek or just like to enjoy some marvellous machinery. It features 12 stunning images of the best aircraft ever built, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11! Great care has been taken to select a wide range of airlines and different motives so that every month shows a special new image.

Image details

Here is a list of all motives of the MD-11 Aviation Calendar 2017:

Cover – Breathtaking departure with condensation over the wings
January – Facing a MD-11F at Krasnoyarsk Airport, Russia
February – Cockpit view of an approach to Frankfurt, Germany
March – FedEx over the numbers at Los Angeles LAX, USA
April – Close-up of Flight Control Panel with speed 250 knots selected
May – Spectacular Martinair Cargo MD-11F under a starry sky
June – The big cargo door of a Lufthansa Cargo aircraft just swung open
July – Eva Air Cargo seen from the air being loaded for the next flight
August – The mighty engine of a KLM MD-11 in the blue sky
September – The wheels and engines of the MD-11 are massive
October – Night approach to Beijing, China in the flightdeck
November – A Centurion Cargo MD-11F is departing from Anchorage, USA
December – Special coloured Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F, promoting “Cargo Human Care”


Everybody say that they use the best quality, but I have actually done it! The look and feel of this calendar is unmatched by anyone else. The Calender is printed on high-quality 250 g/m² paper that has received an extra coating for superb colours and outstanding image quality, as well as to ensure the longevity of the product. The silver wire-o-binding makes swapping pictures easy, while holding all pages safely together. The A3 format (29,7 x 42,0 cm) is perfect for any wall, be it your home, office or store.

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Commitment to nature

The effect of the printing itself on the world’s climate has been offset by while the delivery of all calendars will be compensated by using DHL’s GoGreen service when possible. Hassle-free packaging means more comfort for you, whilst nevertheless maintaining the highest quality and ensuring your product reaches you safely!

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